Before arriving to Ayacucho we read the book: Ayacucho retrieval of the memory of its flavors by Hector Efrain Rojas. We needed to find suggestions for typical food, and we find a surprising list. About a “typical breakfast” you will find a reasonable explanation. There are many options for breakfast: in the country site, in the city for those more traditional or for more modern citizens. In the city there are many people who take soups. In some interviews in the Rojas book, some Ayacucho citizens say a typical Ayacucho breakfast should be potatoes and local cheese. Chapla bread, is been present in Ayacucho life for generations, too. So we went for what is easy to find in downtown and be more familiar to travelers.

In this food tour Ayacucho we suggest as a Must Try 1: CHAPLA bread. In Ayacucho downtown cafes “Ayacuchano Breakfast” is: Chapla bread and local cheese with a juice. It is served also with Ayacucho coffe or mate de coca. In the picture you will see Mate de Coca, made with coca leaves wich helps with high altitude sickness. We put them together just for the photo, but we think is better not to combine them as they are both to energize. The jungle area of Ayacucho has been producing a good coffee for decades. We were happy to have breakfast with Elvin Ccaicuri who kindly gives us information and connections related to Chungui district. Cccaicuri was Chungui district last mayor and during his government they organized a cacao Festival. Moner Lizana from Antarki SAC is being extremely helpful too. Unfortunately, Efrain Rojas the author of the book is not in Ayacucho now so we won´t meet him. Make your travel experience complete and try some of Ayacucho flavors.

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