If walking through life one of your shoe sole breaks, break the other one ! Balance your steps, and walk confidently where you really want to, have to go. Where your goals and dreams are.

There is certainly a difference between goals and dreams. Well, I have goals, dreams and revelations ! My first commitment is to give 2 feedbacks to my list. I´ll give feedback in June because is already the middle of the year. In October too, because it is a representative month in Peru and is close to the end of the year. Wish me good luck:

  • PETHENET   gains subscribers and 2 ad contracts until December. I have 2 partners for media production.
  • Participate in 2 amateur photography contests
  • Save money for a long trip in 2020
  • Have the insurances I need
  • Read 2 books. (The Tao of physics)
  • Take the intermediate level Quechua language course
  • Keep learning to cook. I will cook more healthy and some vegan food.
  • Meditate in the beach almost once a month.
  • We are going to 5 yoga retreats. 2 in Peru. The others in Uruguay, Argentina and one to define. If you have been there I am happy to listen advices and comments: place for yoga, gelateria, café, restaurant, vegan restaurant, organic or artisan fair and [organic] chocolate place.
  • We are traveling to Europe. Italy 2 or 3 weeks. Actually I wish I could be 3 months! I already know to which cities we are going.

If you have been in Italy and are planning to get back to Europe, my favorite ranking : “The 10 most famous Italian chocolate shops”. Please, if you can suggest and comment about a place for yoga, gelateria, café, restaurant, vegan restaurant, organic or artisan fair and chocolate store (advice, review?) I will thank you so much.

I hope your dreams and goals for 2019 become true. Why I said “revelation” ? I said it in the most narrative way. In our own story, every step and every downfall will leave as a lesson or even more: a revelation. By the way the shoe sole of my sandals broke in my way to meeting a friend. It was the best way to start 2019; my revelation was: my way has always been and will always be close to some dear friend, I feel very grateful.

Thank you for subscribing to “Peter and The Net” channel and following on Twitter and others. We´ll talk on the comments !



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