I realized I haven’t made a balance of the year for 7 years, so it´s time. I fell grateful because in this year I was able to start my third entrepreneurship: “Peter and the Net” channel, spend time with family, friends and get to know new people.  Some of my memories are mixed between this 2018 and the last 4 years I´ve been living in Pisco. Let´s see, I thanks all experiences I had: great, good or bad. The bad make you wiser:

In this 2018

In this last 4 years I was not able to travel much, but I could make a short trip to Tacna. I spend a night in Arequipa. I went to Arequipa the first time in 1997 the last year of high school. I was happy to see the city have become more touristic. This time I was glad to see that there were 2 artisan chocolate stores and cafes. Chaqchao is a café and chocolate factory; they made their own bars, artisan Peruvian beers and organic desserts. Ocacao Cafe and chocolate shop (since 2013) is run by a Belgian who lives in Arequipa, I got some brownies. Both highly recommended. Have you visited them? Any suggestion to visit Arequipa?

This 2018 was a good year. In this 4 years I´ve been in some places I like of Ica city, The Nasca Lines, some beaches in Paracas and Laguna Moron in Pisco. There are still some places in Ica I haven´t visit yet. Like the Petroglyphs Fuente de Oro, Huancano or do the trekking to see the Montesierpe Geoglyphs both in Pisco. Have you visit them? I hope I can visit them next year or sooner.

I hope you had a nice year too. For what do you feel more grateful about this 2018? Thank you for subscribing to “Peter and The Net” channel and following. We´ll talk on the comments !

Laguna Moron Titi

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