Paracas wind goes from the Pisco peninsula until Cahuachi ancient city in Nasca, at Ica city. Cahuachi is about 24km2 and they have this strong wind most of the year, the only months were they are not too strong goes from May to July, I think. That is one of the reasons archeologists took almost 30 years to study this pilgrimage center, they only could work 3 months a year.

I was born in Ica, but I only went to Nasca for the first time in 2014. I went to distribute the touristic maps I make. The last time I went, I could finally took some of the tours available: Chauchilla cementery, Ocongalla aqueducts, Cahuachi ceremonial center, and I took the 30 min. fly to see the Nasca Lines. Next time I will go I will try to see the petroglyphs of Majuelos. I highly recommend to visit Nasca if you are in Ica. Let me know how was your experience is these magical ancient city of the Peruvian desert.

Nasca Ciudadela Cahuachi 2017


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