Happy Birthday to me and Thanks to all of you

I am thankful for all the way I gone through. I thanks life for all the opportunities I had, and the freedom to choose. I am thankful for the people I met and for the teachings they leaved me. Every person have been a different chance to learn, to live, to feel blessed with attention, experiences and love. Even bad moments taught me what I needed to learn.

Every morning when I wake up, if I had a comfortable bed where to sleep, a place where to take a shower and have breakfast, It´s already a big reason to feel blessed. As iconic Louise Hay would say Youtube. com /watch?v=4jNV1FV-_Os

I am thankful because I learned that you can´t be a better professional if you are not a better person every day. I thanks life for my talents, the places where I lived, experiences I had and for having a healthy body that I learned to take care of and love. You can´t love anyone truly if you don’t love yourself first.

I am thankful for turning 36 and thankful for having you around.

[The picture is at Mendieta beach, RNP, Pisco with the photography fans travel group “Expediciones Fotograficas”]


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