My job as a freelance promoter and editor. Pisco – Nazca Maps, 2014 – 2016

Becoming a promoter and editor was actually my second  job as a freelance, I did it after Pisco Language Tutors, on May 2014. In fact edition zero was a brochure to advertise Spanish classes. I made a thousand, did not offer any advertising yet, paid myself, create basic content, work with a designer for the art, started only with a map of “El Chaco Paracas” and distributed only there. Since the beginning I noticed Maps of Pisco , Paracas and Nasca were necessary, so when I made edition zero I put a big ad that said “Your Ad here”. I was happy and surprised people really liked it and called me because they wanted to be on it. Now, some clients have been there twice or even 3 times of 4 editions.

As a free lance editor and promoter, I learned:

  • To make market research for a travel guide (maps) at Pisco, Paracas and Nasca.
  • To c/, edit and manage content for the tourism industry. Mainly for (last) users but in the way, to clients and other people in the industry.
  • To sell advertising. It´s only advertising who pays the investment, ensuring profitability and quality.
  • To negotiate benefits with best clients.
  • To choose distribution points in Pisco, Paracas and Nasca (circulation, exhibition)
  • To work closely with design and printing teams.
  • To listen to tourism business people and learn about local, regional and national problems.

It´s been 2 years, 4 editions, tons if information found and selected, new professional contacts and so many people who generously contributed in different ways. Thanks to all of them and for 2017 I am preparing improvements. I hope you continue joining





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